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Why Leasing a Car at Don Wessel Honda is Better than Buying a Car?

There were around 4 million cars more or less that were recorded on lease in 2016. Basically, this is a record high and a number of experts do believe that this trend will keep rising in the next few years. The reason here is that, cars especially SUVs and trucks are pretty expensive for consumers to buy. Not only that, average finance payment was around 120 dollars that is above the average lease payment. The good thing is that, leasing a car at Don Wessel Honda doesn’t necessarily require you to spend that much.

By reading this article, we will be focusing on what you must know with regards to leasing as well as financing so by that, you become aware of the buying options that you have.

As a matter of fact, it is challenging already to decide whether to buy or lease a car. Luckily, there are major differences between these two options that can help in clearing your mind and come up with smarter decision.

Number 1. Ownership – if you opt to buy a car, then it’s yours to keep. You will be given with a car title and if you want to trade it in for newer model, it could be. You can even modify or customize it according to your preferences. On the other hand, if you have elected to consider leasing a car at Don Wessel Honda, then you do not own the vehicle. As soon as the lease contract expires, you will have to return it. You can still modify the car yes but, after the end of your lease contract, you will have to remove everything installed in it.

Number 2. Costs – costs is completely different when leasing a car at Don Wessel Honda and buying one. It is because of the reason that when buying a car, the money you’ll be forking out for it will go to registration, the down payment or the car itself and taxes but with leasing, you simply have to cover for the security deposit, the down payment, registration and acquisition fee taxes and the first month’s payment. Assuming that you are making monthly payments on your purchase, you are more likely to pay bigger monthly loan payments than you would if you’re going to lease.

Number 3. Contract termination – when you buy a car, it’s yours, you have all rights to trade it in or sell it for whatever reason. But things are different when leasing a car at Don Wessel Honda because when your contract ends, it could cost you more than sticking to the original contract. That being said, if ever someone has interests on the car and gets it from the car leasing company, there’s no need to pay for additional fees, which is one good thing about leasing a car at Don Wessel Honda.

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